Friday, October 7, 2016

Witty Bean :)

So this is my first post in what is hopefully something I can keep going for a while! I've always wanted to blog/share my thoughts/rant about whatever is currently annoying me and I've done this whole "start+write a few words+ erase everything" shindig way too often. I also happen to have 2 extremely cute and crazy kids and half the point of being a parent is poking fun at them online :-)

So this time I will try my best to keep this an ongoing thing.Update with new posts and generally do what I've always wanted to do - Write with abandon!

Be warned : a lot of this will be about my kids or my love for coffee. So if you don't love (my) kids or a good mug of coffee ( how dare you!).....this will not be fun for you.But I hope you'll keep coming back and walk with me on this journey! I'll even buy you a cup of coffee ;-)


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