Sunday, May 26, 2019

My Second Wedding

Back in 2005, I had an arranged-love marriage. We did the whole 3 day Jewelry-food-makeup-million guests thing.  and I was a delighted 22-year-old, madly in love and so happy to be having my dream wedding.My husband however was less than pleased. He has been raised outside India so a lot of the customs and rituals didn’t hold the same allure for him. Plus, he felt the whole thing was more about the elders and Pandits than the two of us. 

Last year, we were in Las Vegas for a week, with our two kids. One morning, I’m fixing breakfast in my yoga pants, when there’s a knock on the hotel room door. I open the door to see a large man dressed exactly like Michael Jackson (yes that Michael Jackson). Obviously some manner of performer and this being Vegas, I shrug and tell him he’s probably got the wrong room.
He looks me up and down (my Yoga pants and crazy hair) and asks in a curiously soft voice, “Mrs. Raman?” 
I nod, surprised. 
“Well, this is exactly the right room then!” With that, he pushes past me and starts setting up flowers and candles on the breakfast table.

10 minutes and lots of humming later, he’s finished. A beautiful little floral arrangement with rose candles lit in aesthetically pleasing rows. The kids are curious (Is it your birthday, Amma?” and “Wow, can I blow the candles, Amma?”)  I’m confused, but enjoy the bizarreness of the whole thing. Michael Jackson looks over at me and gesticulates wildly. 
Understanding dawns. I quickly put on some lipstick and run a brush through my hair. Change from Yoga pants to Fancier Yoga pants. When I come out, the kids are sitting on the couch, agog and breathless. 
And next to Mr. Jackson, stands my husband, wearing his best shirt and holding a small bouquet of roses. He’s planned this to a T and looks proud as a peach. Dropping to one knee, he brings out a beautiful ring. This amazes my daughter and in her excitement announces she needs to pee. 
We resume the ceremony 5 minutes later. I wipe big tears away, while Mr.Jackson sings us a love song. My husband reads out his vows along with a beautiful Native American Poem about love and commitment. The kids hug my feet, and someone trips over and falls. I don’t know what to say because my heart is so full. 
Mr.Jackson asks me if I, Pavi Raman take the tall and wonderful Mr.Raghav Raman to be my husband. 
Standing there surrounded by my little family, in a room that faintly smells of Pancakes and Jam, I finally find words.
“Yes. Yes, I do,”.
So to answer your question, I did have a wedding on a shoestring Budget.
Minimal makeup (one coat of Smashbox Lipstick+one line of Kohl), 3 guests (kids + Mr. Jackson) and I got married again to the Love of My Life.
 And this time, it was just Perfect.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Thursday, May 23, 2019

My Space

It doesn’t seem like much. There’s no leather chair inviting you to sit. No gilded tomes whispering wise secrets into your ears. Not a single glass of scotch - the author’s best friend.
Instead there’s chaos. Princess stickers and bright colors. A shopping list crumpled in the corner. Wires and markers, paper clips and candles. 

This is how I write. And this is how I live. Surrounded by ordinary moments, until they become something more on my screen. ❤️❤️

Saturday, May 18, 2019

A Mother’s Promise

I have been a storyteller  for as long as I remember. From my very first written story at age 5, to the endless evenings I spent regaling my (oft bored) younger sister with tales of monsters and maidens, the art of storytelling has held immense appeal to me. I have been blessed to get published multiple times this year, but to be featured in an actual book is a new honor!
First Moms Club's Inaugural Ebook launched last weekend on Mother’s Day. I was privileged to contribute my own story and share space with so many talented writers.

Smiles and tears, laughter and madness. The Mommy journey and the people we walk it with. This ebook is filled with heartfelt pieces about Motherhood and the unique love that blazes within all of us.
Download here and please share :

Grab your copy (it’s free!) and settle back with a hot cup of tea. This one is special!
Here’s to all the rockstar moms in our lives!

Friday, May 17, 2019

I am sorry!

I'm sorry I haven't been active lately. I got published in multiple places and that has been super exciting! I promise to share more here soon! 
And if that doesn't win you over, bonus puppy picture!